Cadillac ATS Owners Manual

List of all CADILLAC ATS OWNERS MANUALS for you to download, please choose according to the year of manufacturing because company update their vehicles with new features

2013 Cadillac ATS Owners Manual
2014 Cadillac ATS Owners Manual
2015 Cadillac ATS Owners Manual
2016 Cadillac ATS Owners Manual

Description: The rubber in tires ages over time. This also applies to the spare tires, if the car has 1, even if it is never used in life. Multiple factors including temperature, loading condition, and inflation pressures maintenance affect how quick aging takes place. GM recommend that tires, including the spare if equipped must  be replaced after 6 years, regardless of tread wear. Thatswhy  tire manufactures date is the last 4 digits of the DOT Tire Identification Number (TIN) in which is molded into 1 side of the tire sidewalls. The first 2 digits represent the week (1–53) and the last 2 digits, the year. For instance, the 3rd week of the year 2011 will have a 4-digit DOT date of 0311.

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