Ford Fiesta Owners Manuals

Below you will find free PDF files for selected years of your Ford fiesta vehicle.

2011 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual
2012 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual
2013 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual
2014 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual
2015 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual
2016 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual

Description: Please carefully follow the maintenance schedule which helps to protect against major repair charges resulting from poor maintenance and will help to increase the value of our car at the time resell. Keep all receipts for completed maintenance with the car. Ford has designed regular maintenance intervals for the vehicle based upon rigorous testing. So it’s important that vehicle serviced at the proper times. Those intervals serve 2 purposes; 1 is to maintain the reliability of the car and the 2nd is to keep the cost of owning car down. It’s our responsibility to have all scheduled maintenance performed and to make it sure that the materials used meet all the specifications identified in the above owner’s manual.

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